Paroles officielles de la chanson «Words» : Lucinda Williams

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Words"

I Would Rather Suffer
The Sweet Solemn Solitude
Deathly Defy From Drowning Out
The Face I've Stumbling
Ugly And Cruel
Between The Lips Of Your Beautiful Mouth

Deep Down Within You
Words Move In Phases
Frozen And Still, Till They Decide
To Melt And Drip Over The Pages
Until That Point They Live Inside

My Words Enjoy The Feel Of The Paper
Better Than Mingling With
Your Consonants
Once They Get Going
They Never Waver
And They Slip In Between Your
If, Ands, And Buts

When My Words Are Hiding Between The Lines
Then I'm Afraid They Wont Hear Me Call
What If They Fail Me
Without A Sign
What If They Hardly Surface At All
Screaming And Throwing Your Weight Around
My Words Choose Knowledge Over Politics

You Cant Kill My Words,
They Know No Bounds
My Words Are Strong And They Don't Make Me Sane
They Still Remain My Only Companion
Boil And True To The Very End
They'll Never Ever Completely Abandon
Ever Give Up The Paper, And The Pen