Paroles officielles de la chanson «I Can See It» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "I Can See It"

Beyond That Road Lies A Shining World
Beyond That Road Lies Despair
Beyond That Road Lies A World That's Gleaming
People Who Are Scheming...
Beauty, Hunger, Glory, Sorrow, Never A Pain Or Care
But I'm Liable To Find A Couple Of Surprises There...
There's A Song I Must Sing, It's A Well Known Song,
But The Tune Is Bitter
And It Doesn't Take Long To Learn, I Can Learn!
Pretty Little World That Beams So Bright
That Pretty Little World That Seems Delightful Cambered
Let Me Learn...Let Me Learn...
For I Can See It, Shining Somewhere
Bright Lights Somewhere Invite Me To Compare And Learn
And I'm Ready, I Can Hear It Silent Singing
Inside My Ear, I Hear Them All Singing Of Love!
Who Knows Maybe All The Visions That I See
May Be Waiting Just For Me To Say
Take Me There And Make Me See It, Make Me Feel It
I Know It So, I Know That It Really May Be...
Let Me Learn!