Paroles officielles de la chanson «Raise Up» : Petey Pablo

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Raise Up"

And Today's Controversy Is Coming From Yet Another Member
Or Should I Say Members Of The Hip-Hop Community.
Petey Pablo - A New Artist Signed Under
Jive Has Teamed Up With Timbaland, Outta V.a.
In A Quest To Redeem His Title And
Bring, North Carolina, And Virginia, To The Front Of The Line.
We're Gonna Stand By


This One's For North Carolina! C'mon And Raise Up
Take Your Shirt Off, Twist It 'Round Yo' Hand
Spin It Like A Helicopter. North Carolina!C'mon And Raise Up
This One's For You, Uh-Huh, This One's For Who?
Us, Us, Us; Yes Sir!
North Carolina.c'mon And Raise Up
Take Your Shirt Off, Twist
It Round Yo' Hand
Spin It Like A Helicopter.north Carolina,
C'mon And Raise Up
This Ones For You. Uh-Uh, This Ones For Who?
Us, Us, Us;Yes Sir!

[Petey Pablo]
Who Am I? Petey Pab Motherfucker!
First To Put It Down For North Carolina
But Guess What (What?), It's Been Worth It
I'ma Superstar, Bought Me A Big Ol' Car
Four Point Six (Seen It Cuz)
Black Fifty-Four From The Front To Back And Got A Button In The Middle,
Make The Trunk Go Eh-Eh
But It Ain't 'Bout That
It's About Gettin Whatchu Gettin And Dribble On Back Here
Big Fellas (Sick Fellas)
Half Of Me And Carolina Niggaz, I'm Tired Of Y'all
Polk, Bladen, Marshall, Hoke, Greene County, Timbaland, Damn
Transfer, Santa Ria Browns Over Here (Greens Over Here)
Pasqoutank, Down On The, Odom East (Lemme Think)
Johnson County, Franklin, Burgaw, Newport, Warren, Shelby, Kenansville
(Mt. Canata) Tarboro, Triangle, Goldsboro, Halifax, Statesville
And All My Niggaz Doin Life Behind The Wall