Paroles officielles de la chanson «Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution» : The Black Crowes

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution"

Cut a rusty engine outta sawdust town
Better deal with the man
Who shook 'em all down so
Put a little grease on my axle now yeah.

I been from Antioch to Alcatraz
I can roll you one
From an empty bag but let's
Take it easy to avoid any snags.

Goodbye daughters of the revolution
Open your eyes and see your solution.
Hallelujah come join the jubilee.

Keep on runnin' through the gates of the city
To give up now would be such a pity
Don't you wanna see the ship go down with me?

I'll come to you hungry I'll come to you sore.
I'll come round midnight to your back door.
I'll drag my tail across your floor.

Gonna run you ragged till you act your age.
Gonna circle the wagons gonna storm your stage.
If we all plead guilty will the charges be the same?


I've been restless baby I've been wild.
Caught up in a fever dream
Well come on and save me child.