Paroles officielles de la chanson «Come Tomorrow» : Barbra Streisand

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Come Tomorrow"


are you ready for the day

that we've prayed for

already holding what is real

you know the soul finds its own evolution

and this is the only love i feel

can i tell ya

i'm keeping up the strength

i've gotta try

'cause you ain't getting past this heart of mine

i'm out here waiting for you

with all i've got to give

and i accept this life we live


i'll be your lover

and i'll be your friend

i'm gonna follow you

right to the end


i wasn't made to tell you lies

i only came to make you realize


i'll be your hero

and i'll be your plan

you pick me up

and let me down


don't make me stumble, don't make me wait

'cause come tomorrow will be to late


come tomorrow

come tomorrow


i got to turn away my face

'cause you blind me with your light

can you catch up to me

you know i love you in the black of night

this sacred bridge you walk

this journey has begun

we try, we try to carry on

taken from oldielyrics.com

are you listening

you get to find the things in life

that get you through


one more day...


and deep inside the things you want love never knew


one less chance...


let me make it happen

this world we have foreseen