Paroles officielles de la chanson «Boomerang» :

Compositeurs : Jane Birkin
Éditeurs : Warner Chappell Music France
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Boomerang"

Have you ever passed thereabouts? I do not know!
It is the first symptom, I read this somewhere.
A jam-session of percussions.
It is in my eyes the reversed picture.
I say to her neither hushed up, nor to you, I say to her.
She must know it, you must know it nevertheless that I love you.
But it is not possible to also be bloody stupid!
Ah! The delirium, here is what I have!

I dispel you of my thoughts
I reject you, I escape you
But you come back to me, always you come back to me
Like a boomerang
Still if he could hit me
A deathblow forever to stop my life
But no you return to me
Like a boomerang

Sometimes I believe I am cured
I have a feeling that my heart does not beat any more
I stay until a small day
Between life and love
Takes in pity this poor love
Finish it one good time
Go there, yes there, never return again
Like a boomerang