Paroles officielles de la chanson «Right Now» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Right Now"

Laughs* (Queen Bee Shouts In The Background)

I Need You, Got To Have You
Yeah Whatever

I Was Sitting At The Bar
When This Real Horny Guy Came Over
(Hi How Are You Doing? How Are You?)
He Said Won't You Let Me Take You
On A Ride In My Range Rover
I Said You Can't Be Serious
My Bentley's Right Outside
Plus Your Breath Smells Like Shit Anyway

1 - Oh I Need You, Oh
Gotta Have You, Oh
Just Wanna Touch You, Oh
I Need Your Love, Yeah
Right Now

Everybody's On The Dance Floor
And This Fool Is Still Behind Me
I Am Dipping Through The Crowd Now
Hoping That He Doesn't Find Me
He Said Baby Where You Going?
(Lil' Kim I Love You)
Then He Grabbed Me By The Hand
And Dipped My Body To The Ground
And Said

Repeat 1


See The Party Don't Stop Till The Casket Drop
Like A Six Double O With The Plastic Drop
Damn Is That All You Got
Hmm Baby Give It One More Shot
Got A Body Like What-What
Watch Me Shake My Butt, Butt-Butt
Like It When You Sing That Song, Oh
I Know You Wanna See My Thong

Repeat 1

Right Now, Right Now
I Need Your Love Baby
I Need Your Love Baby