Paroles officielles de la chanson «You're The Reason» : Antigone Rising

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "You're The Reason"

Why Are You Sitting On The Side
Clockin' The Time
Letting Them Do The Decidin'?

Caught In The Ebb Without A Flow
Watchin' The Tide
What Kind Of Wave Are You Ridin'?

Pick Off The Hours Of The Day
This Is A Shade
Of Your Blue You've Been Hidin'.

Walking Through The Shadows Of Your Soul
Don't Be Afraid
'Cuz Baby I'll Do Your Fightin'.

You're The Reason
You're My Everything
You Lift Me Up When I Have Fallen
You're The Reason
You Are Everything
I'm Higher Up And You're The Reason

I Know The Secret Of Your Eyes
I May Be Wise
Or Maybe Paying Attention

You Are Much Better Than You Know
You're Subtle Grace
With The Heart Of A Lion

Shook You When The Sky Was Falling Down
You Lost Your Place
Safe In The Middle
Guilty By Omission Was The Case
But This Is Home Base
Where You Will Find Your Acquittal


I'm Better Since You Came Along
Now It's My Turn

(Chorus Out)