Paroles officielles de la chanson «Set It Off» : Static X

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Set It Off"

Wait Every Hour Of Every Day
Played Light, Played Hard
Had To Go My Way
I Feel Like Death Wearing A Disguise
Can't Catch My Breath
From All This Noise

I Want
I'm Fucking Bored
Give Me A New Found Sensation
Take It
Take All The Pills
I'll Try Anything To Get Me Off
Come On
Kicked In The Ass
Why Do You Tell Me I Can't?
Fake It
I Cant Go On
Give Me Anything To Set It Off

I Bite Your Tongue
Watch With Keen Eyes
I Found The Gun
Nervouse Excitement
Go On And Touch It
You Just Might Like
I Sip Your Poison One Last Time

My Confidence Is All That's Left
Under This Veil I Count The Minutes
I'm Growing Weaker
Search For A Glimmer
Pulsating Sounds Come Blaring Out
You May Be Right
My Mind Is Gone
I'll Try Anything To Set This Off

Set It Off
Anything To Set It Off