Paroles officielles de la chanson «U Turn» : Brian Mcknight

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "U Turn"

Mommy You Got A Minute,
Just Wanted To Say I Love The Way Your Linen,
Is Huggin Your Hips, One Dimple When Your Grinnin',
No Pretendin; Im Here To Put My Bed In (My Bed In),
For Real Thats No Kiddin (Nope),
Complex Fantasy, Thoughts Are Forbidden (Uh Huh),
Just Save Those Playful Thoughts For The Children (Yeah),
Six John, Mr Mcknight Is About Business,

Shes Super Fly But She Dont Know It,
She Might Be Mad But She Dont Show It,
She Stands Alone Above The Rest,
She Makes Me Pass The Gamma Test,
She Hurts The Lies But She Dont Tell It,
I Wanna Be Loved,I Wanna Be Right,
I Wanna Lay Up With The Same Somebody Every Night,
I Wanna Be One,I Wanna Be Real,
Ive Got Someone Who Feels The Same Way That I Feel,
Im Lookin For A U-Turn Girl, From Up Around The Way,
U-Turn Girl, Every Night And Every Day,
U-Turn Girl, If I Never Do The Personality,
U-Turn Girl, Sounds Good To Me, Sounds Good To Me,

Yo I Double Back 360 Degrees Spin It,
Two-A-Smooth Steering Wheel One Finger In It,
Nineteens A Touch, Twenties A Rub, Twenty Ones On That Luxury,
Its More Than Enough, Pull Up With A,
Your Body Kept It Up, I Never Went Hollywood,
Just Stepped It Up,
So What I Speak You Should See It Is True,
She Loved The Modena But Never Seen Em In Blue!,

You Make Me Work But Not That Hard,
I Might Just Let Her Drive My Car,
Cause She Won't Go Disrespecting Me,
She'll Be My Queen And Come With Me,
She'll Be The One To Give My All,
I Wanna Be Loved, And I Wanna Be Right,
I Wanna Lay Up With The Same Somebody Every Night,
I Wanna Be One, I Wanna Be Real,
I've Got Some