Paroles officielles de la chanson «Aunt Dot (Feat. Lil' Shanice)» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Aunt Dot (Feat. Lil' Shanice)"

[Lil' Kim]
.. My Aunt Dot
Left A Glock And Some Blood On My Sheets
Told Me Clean The Shit Up, Then She Hit The Streets
Even Though I'm Her Niece, She Copped Me A Piece
Wack-Ass Caliber, Nickel-Plated With The Silencer
What? She Don't Know I Like My Guns Pretty?
Like My Boy Castor Troy With The Twin-Glizzies
I Heard A Knock At The Door {*Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock*}
To My Surprise I Saw These Two Familiar Eyes
Who Are You?

[Lil' Shanice]
Whattup? I'm Shanice, Don't Remember Me?

[Lil' Kim]
She Called Me By My Government Name, Kimberly
Who Sent You?

[Lil' Shanice]
My Mom Sent Me; Her Name Is Dottie
She Packed A Note In My Knapsack Along With A Shottie

[Lil' Kim]
Hmmph, She Was Cute; And Mad Fly
She Had The Prada Knapsack, With The Hat To Match
Bavari Hiking Boots, With The Mink Bubblegoose
And I Could See She Was Admiring My Minski Suit
Then She Handed Me The Note

[Lil' Shanice]
Here - Read This

[Lil' Kim]
I Just Stared Her Up And Down
Cause I Couldn't Believe This - Then I Opened It
It Said, Bitches Is Out To Get You;
Your So-Called Friends, Put A Bomb In Your Benz.
I'm On A Mission Now To Do Some Harm To Your Friends.
They Know Where You Live, So Evacuate The Crib.
And Oh, The Little Girl, That's Your Cousin Shanice.
Since I Can't Be With Her, I Need You To Babysit Her.
Besides; She Looks Up To You - You're Her Idol -
And Tomorrow Is Her First Violin Recital,
And She Would Be More Than Happy If You Could Take Her.
Peace, My Number's On The Back Of The Paper, Hit Me Lat