Paroles officielles de la chanson «Broadway And Hurst» : The Outline

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Broadway And Hurst"

I'd Like To Introduce Myself, I'm Nicholas Foster
I'm Not The Best Looking Guy You'll Find
But I Enjoy Camel Reds And A Good Piece Of Bocelli
And When I've Had A Few Too Many, I Do Things I Regret
So I Walked Over To The Bar To Meet My Friend

Yup, That's Mikey, Pint In Hand, Looking For Any Mischief He Can Find

And I Knew I Shouldn't, But Temptation Got The Best Of Me
Why Do I Do All These Things To Hurt You?

It's A Lie, Nonsense, He's Full Of Shit
Mother Fucker Would Be Lucky If He Could Find His Dick
I Was Gonna Let It Slide, Turn The Other Cheek
But I Overheard The Bastard As He Started To Speak

She Was Foster's Once, But Now She's Mine
And That Poor Old Fuck, He Doesn't Even Have A Clue>
I'm Going To Kill Him
Followed The Fuck, As He Went To Take A Piss
Crept Into The Alley, Fingers Turned To Fists
Stayed Silent, Put My Hands Around His Neck
Looked Into His Face And Sunk The Glass Into His Breast
A Surge Of Blood, A Moment Passed, I Couldn't Think, I Couldn't Move
With Every Second Waiting There Was Something They Could Prove
Smiled, Felt Relief As His Breath Became Shy
His Body Lay Limp, I Had Taken His Life
No, No, No

So I Woke Up Like It Was Any Other Sunday
Had A Cup Of Black Coffee, Read The Paper, And Had One Of My Favorite Fags
Felt Right As Rain Until The Phone Rang

Who's This?

Oh, Officer Sloan

I Was, Uh

No I Wasn't There Actually..

Um, Ray Wells Ray Wells, Doesn't Ring Any Bells
The 31st, I Was Out Of Town, Yeah, That's Right
On Business In Fact, Ya See I Was With My Bird, We're In Love