Paroles officielles de la chanson «Wilding Me Out» : Gerald Levert

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Wilding Me Out"

Everybody Plays A Fool (For Someone)
Calling You And Paging You (9-1-1)
Can't Stand When You're Not Around
Your Love Is Wildin' Me Out
Wilding Me Out, Wilding Me Out
Wilding Me Out
Crazy, I Used To Call It Crazy
When My Friends Used To Be
All Confiding In Me 'Bout Their Girl
See, I Never Understood
How Any Real Man Could
Let A Woman Come In
To Change And Shake Up Their World, Uh No
One Thing You Can Not Change Now I Feel This Way

Calling Your House, Hangin' Up
Doin' All That Crazy Stuff
Girl, I Followed You Home
Just To See If You're Alone, Baby
Ain't That Crazy Baby
Got Me Callin' All Your So-Called Friends
Seeing What You Did Last Night Again
I Can't Sleep, I Can't Eat
You Done Beat Me At My Own Game, Baby
Yes You Did
I Guess It's True Cuz I'd Be Your Fool
If You Asked Me To

I Would Do About Anything
Just To Keep You Happy Baby, Yeah
I Used To Live A Player's Life, Yeah
But You Came And Changed My Mind Baby