Paroles officielles de la chanson «Starry Eyes» : Motley Crue

Chanson originale : Starry Eyes
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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Starry Eyes"

When She Laughs
She's Got The Power Of A Child In Her Eyes
And When You Cry Now
She'll Hold You Like A Man's Supposed To Be Held
I Can't Get Into Words How I Feel
Get It Right In This Song Now
I Had To Set Her Free
Needed A Friend
Come Back To Me

Oh Starry Eyes
Oh, Oh [Repeat]
Standing Alone In The Light
You Could See Her Cry
With A Smile And A Wink
And A Sparkle In Her Eyes
She Calmly Sighed, I Will Be All Right
Okay Child You've Had To Take The Pain
Of A Man In The Streets
You Gotta Let Me In
Needed A Friend
Even Just For One Night

Oh, Starry Eyes
Oh, Oh [Repeat]

Oh No, Oh No, Oh No

Oh, Starry Eyes