Paroles officielles de la chanson «Baby Come On Home» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Baby Come On Home"

There was a time i used to call you on my very own

we were so happy woman

talkin' for hours and hours on the telephone

then one day

i set you up to walk right outta my life

leavin' me all by myself

all alone, to cry every night

(babe...) oooh, i want you to come back home yeah (come on home)

(oooh yeah)

sweet little girl

(ooh yeah, been gone so long)

you've been away so long

now listen to me

i said i made up my mind

woman when you left me there, oh

i was gonna find another sweet lover

who's gonna feel all of my... cares

so i met a sweet little girl

just about as nice as she could be, oh

i fell in love with that woman

but she turned around, and did the same thing again to me, woohoo...

(babe...) baby, please come home (come on home) home yeah...

i know, (ya been gone too long) been away so long

(babe...) i want you to please come home, oh (come on hooome...)

(oooh yeah)

(ya been gone too long)

so i made up my mind

i gonna crawl right back to you woman

i'm gonna plead and plead and plead, yeah

till you're here by my side

i can't even walk down the same old streets we used to walk down

cause i keep thinkin about all the good times

keep thinkin' about it

i wanna make you mine

ooh babe

babe, babe, babe, please (come on home, yeah) (come on home)

(ya been gone too long)

i want you to...oh! (babe... come on home)

i want you to come back runnin home to me woman (oooh yeah)

i want you to think about when we walk through the trees together

(ya been gone too long)

you know we had such a real good time

wooah, here they come