Paroles officielles de la chanson «Never Mind Me» : Big Rich

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Never Mind Me"

If You See Me On The Street, Lookin' Like I Ain't Slept In A Week, Hey
Don't Worry Baby
Find Me Closing Down The Bar, Catch Me Crawlin' To My Car, Her
Just Look The Other Way
And If I'm By Myself With A Twisted Face Fillin Up On Comfortable Space

Never Mind Me
(I'll Be Just Fine Talkin' To Myself)
Never Mind Me
(Sittin' All Alone Inside My Personal Hell)
I'm Just Doing Fine
Never Mind Me

Well If You Can't Comprehend Why I'd Be Kissin' Your Best Friend, Her
Just Keep On Walkin' Baby
'Cause When You're Sittin' On The Edge Of A Twenty Story Ledge, Oh
Well Don't Try To Save Me, No
I'm Probably Lookin' At Tje Sky Just Tryin' To Find A Reason Why


Don't Remind Me I'm Not Crazy
Don't Rewind Me And Replay Me
I'm Just Fine