Paroles officielles de la chanson «Sexy M.f.» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Sexy M.f."

In A Word Or 2, It's U I Wanna Do
No, Not Cha Body, Your Mind U Fool

Come Here Baby, Yeah
U Sexy Motherfucker

We're All Alone In A Villa On The Riviera
That's In France On The South Side In Case U Cared
Out Of All Yo' Friends, I Wanna Be The Closest
That's Why I Tell U Things So U'll Be The Mostest
When It Comes 2 Life, 2 Be This Man's Wife
U Got 2 Be Well Educated On The Subject Of Fights
I Mean Prevention Of
In Other Words It's R.e.a.l Meaning Of This Thing Called Love
Are U Up On This?
If So, Then U Can Get Up Off A Hug And A Kiss

Chorus {X2}

We Need 2 Talk About Things, Tell Me What Cha Do
Tell Me What Cha Eat, I Might Cook 4 U
See, It Really Don't Matter Cuz It's All About Me And U
Ain't No One Else Around
I'm Even With The Blindfold, Gagged And Bound
I Don't Mind - See, This Ain't About Sex
It's All About Love Being In Charge Of This Life And The Next
Why All The Cosmic Talk?
I Just Want U Smarter Than I'll Ever Be When We Take That Walk

Chorus {X2}

Horns, Stand Up Please
I Like It, I Like It

U Seem Perplexed I Haven't Taken U Yet
Can't U See I'm Harder Than A Man Could Get?
I Got Wet Dreams Comin' Out Of My Ears
I Get Hard If The Wind Blows Your Cologne Near Me
But I Can Take It Cuz I Want The Whole 9
This Ain't About The Body, It's About The Mind

Chorus {X2}

Tommy Barbarella In The House
Scrub The Dishes
Come Here Tommy, Yeah
Sexy, Sexy, Sexy, Sexy
Levi, Levi, Fly
Move Man,