Paroles officielles de la chanson «Look Who's Burnin'» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Look Who's Burnin'"

[1] Ay But, What You Doin Up Here Anyway Nigga?
[2] Man I Came Up To Get Some Rubbers Man, What You Doin Up Here?
[1] No Shit? Man, I Came Up Here To Get A Physical
[1] You Know For My Job, You Gotta Get A Physical And Shit, But..
[2] Really?
[Nurse] Philip Brown To The Front Desk - Philip Brown
[1] Aw That's Me Right There, Hey Man You Stay Up Man!
[Nurse] Philip Brown!
[1] Be Careful And Shit You Know...
[2] Awright Then Homey!
[Nurse] Philip Brown?
[1] Yeah?
[Nurse] Can I Help You?
[1] Ahh, Ah-Uh-Yeah, I'd Like To Get
[1] I'd Like To Get A Physical
[Nurse] We Don't Give Physicals Here
[1] Oh You Don't?
[Nurse] No, All We Test For Is Vd, Herpes, Syphillis And Gonorrhea
[1] I'd Like To See A Doctor
[Nurse] What's The Matter, You Burning?
[1] Huh??

Stepped Out My House, Stopped Short, Oh No..
Why Is My Thing-Thing Burnin Like This?
[Nurse] You Burning?
Stepped Out My House, Stopped Short, Oh No..
What Have I, Done Stuck My Duck In?

I Went To The Free Clinic, It Was Filled To Capacity
Now How Bad Can A Piece Of Ass Be?
Very Bad, So I Had To Make The Trip
And Thank God, I Didn't Have The Drips
I Was There So A Hoe Couldn't Gimme That
Just To Get - Twenty Free Jimmy Hats
Now Look Who I See
Ain't That... Yeah, That's The Bitch From Up The Street!
With The Big Fat Tail
Who Always Told Cube To Go To Hell
She Thought She Was Wiser
Now She's Sittin In The Waitin Room, Burnin Like Heat-Mizer
Yeah I See Ya
First Miss Thang, Now Miss Gonorrhea
Man It's A Trip How The World Keeps Turnin
It's 1991, And