Paroles officielles de la chanson «I Have Nothing» : Jean Tranchant

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "I Have Nothing"

(David Foster Linda Thompson)
Warnertamerlane Pub Corpone Four Three Musiclinda's Boys Music (Bmi)
Verse 1:
Share My Life
Take Me For What I Am
'Cause I'll Never Change
All My Colors For You
Verse 2:
Take My Love
I'll Never Ask For Too Much
Just All That You Are
And Everything That You Do
I Don't Really Need To Look
Very Much Furtherfarther
I Don't Wanna Have To Go
Where You Don't Follow
I Will Hold It Back Again
This Passion Inside
Can't Run From Myself
There's Nowhere To Hide
(Your Love I'll Remember Forever)
Don't Make Me Close One More Door
I Don't Wanna Hurt Anymore
Stay In My Arms If You Dare
Or Must I Imagine You There
Don't Walk Away From Me
(No Don't Walk Awya From Me Don't You Dare Walk Away From Me)
I Have Nothing Nothing Nothing
If I Don't Have You You (You You Youif I Don't Have You Oh Oo)
Verse 3:
You See Through
Right To The Heart Of Me
You Break Down My Walls
With The Strength Of Your Love
Verse 4:
I Never Knew
Love Like I've Known It With You
Will A Memory Survive
One I Can Hold On To?
(Chorus 2x)