Paroles officielles de la chanson «I Love To Sing-A» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "I Love To Sing-A"

I Love To Sing-A
About The Moon-A And The June-A And The Spring-A,
I Love To Sing-A,
About A Sky Of Blue-A, Or A Tea For Two-A,
Anything-A With A Swing-A To An "I Love You-A,"
I Love To, I Love To Sing!

Give Me A Song-A
About A Son-A Gun That Went And Done Her Wrong-A.
But Keep It Clean-A,
With A Cottage Small-A By A Waterfall-A,
Any Sob-A That Will Throb-A To A Bluebird's Call-A,
I Love, I Love To Sing!

I Was Born A Singin' Fool-A,
Ol' Major Bowes Is Gonna Spot Me,
Got Through Yale With Boula-Boula,
Old Microphone's Got Me!

I Love To Sing-A,
I Love To Wake Up With The South-A In My Mouth-A,
And Wave A Flag-A,
With A Cheer For Uncle Sammy And Another For My Mammy,
I Love To Sing!

The Swingin'est,
Hot Singin'est,
Song Singin'est
High Tootin'est,
Sky Tootin'est,
I Love To Sing!