Paroles officielles de la chanson «I Lost It» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "I Lost It"

I Had A Hundred Dollar Ring In My Hand
So Weak And Tired I Could Barely Stand
From Bein Up All Night Praying She'd Say Yes
So With A Hopeful Heart I Hit One Knee
With A Tear In Her Eye She Looked At Me
It Was The Moment Of Truth, I Was Scared To Death.
My Life Hung On What That Tear Meant
Then She Smiled At Me, And I Lost It...

No One Can Make Me Cry, Make Me Laugh
Make Me Smile Or Drive Me Mad, Like She Does
It's Like A Curse That Is The Cure
Better Or Worse, One Thing's For Sure
It's Real Love
And I Don't Know What I'd Do If I Lost It

Well The Honeymoon Ended And Life Began
Jobs And Bills, Losing Touch With Friends
And That Apartment Got Smaller Everyday
Then One Night The Walls Finally Closed In
I Came Home Late, She Said Where Have You Been
You Used To Call And Tell Me You're On Your Way
She Said If This Is How Its Gonna Be Then I Quit
She Walked Out The Door, I Lost It...

Chorus 1x:

I Picked Myself Up Off The Floor
She Walked Back Through The Door
We Made Love Like It Was The First Time

Chorus 1x:

Oh If I Lost It (If I Lost It)
I Dont Wanna Lose It...