Paroles officielles de la chanson «I'll Try» : Alan Jackson

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "I'll Try"

<B><Big>I'll Try<B><Big>
(By Alan Jackson)<P>Here We Are
Talkin' _Bout Forever
Both Know Damn Well
It's Not Easy Together<P>We've Both Felt Love
We've Both Felt Pain
I'll Take The Sunshine
Over The Rain<P>Chorus:And I'll Try
To Love Only You
And I'll Try
My Best To Be True
Oh Darlin' I'll Try<P>So I'm Not Scared
It's Worth A Chance To Me
Take My Hand
Let's Face Eternity<P>Well I Can't Tell You
That I'll Never Change
But I Can Swear
That In Every Way<P>(Chorus)<P>I'm Not Perfect
Just Another Man
But I Will Give You
All That I Am<P>(Chorus)<P>I'll Try
To Be True To You
I'll Try
I'll Try
To Always Love You
I'll Try