Paroles officielles de la chanson «Life Or Life-Like» : The Outline

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Life Or Life-Like"

We Don't Have A Dream, It's What You Wanted
Scrape Until The Scream, This Place Is Haunted
Close The Lips And Kiss, Divine Submission
Nothing But A Hiss, We've Got Ignition
Pretty When Your Mouth Is Shut
Bend And Brace Yourself For Every Cut
Here's A Whore Who Can Sing
And Folks Are Frantic
To Touch As Much As A Piece Of Her String
How Romantic
Please I'll Be Gentle
It's Just A Rental
Your Voice Is Void
Squeeze 'Til Your Bones Break
Screened 'Til It's Too Late Now
Caskets Come To Court Their Corpse Companions
Deceased, But We Still Report For Our Abandon
Sing So I Save A Shred Of Life Or Life-Like Thought
We're Not Living Dead, At Least Not Quite Yet