Paroles officielles de la chanson «People Everyday» : Arrested Development

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "People Everyday"

See I Was Resting At The Park Minding My Own
Business As I Kick Up The Treble Tone
On My Radio Tape Player Box, Right
Just Loud Enough So Folks Could Hear It's Hype, See ?
Outta Nowhere Comes The Woman I'm Dating
Investigation Maybe She Was Demonstrating
But Nevertheless I Was Pleased
My Day Was Going Great And My Soul Was At Ease
Until A Group Of Brothers Started Bugging Out
Drinking The 40 Oz, Going The Nigga Route
Disrespecting My Black Queen
Holding Their Crotches And Being Obscene
At First I Ignored Them Cause See I Know Their Type
They Got Drunk And Got Guns And They Wanna Fight
And They See A Young Couple Having A Time That's Good
And Their Egos Wanna Test A Brother's Manhood
So They Came To Test Speech Cause Of My Hair-Do
And The Loud Bright Colors That I Wear [Boo !]
I Was A Target Cause I'm A Fashion Misfit
And The Outfit That I'm Wearing Brothers Dissing It
Well I Stay Calm And Pray The Niggaz Leave Me Be
But They're Squeezing Parts Of My Date's Anatomy
Why, Lord, Do Brothers Have To Drill Me ?
Cause If I Start To Hit This Man They'll Have To Kill Me

[Chorus:] I Am Everyday People (2x)

I Told The Niggaz Please Let Us Pass, Friend
I Said Please Cause I Don't Like Killing Africans
But He Wouldn't Stop And I Ain't Ice Cube
But I Had To Take The Brother Out For Being Rude
And Like I Said Before I Was Mad By Then
It Took Three Or Four Cops To Pull Me Off Of Him
But That's The Story Y'all Of A Black Man
Acting Like A Nigga And Get Stomped By An African