Paroles officielles de la chanson «Mireille» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Mireille"

Let sure I check your ear?
History tell the story of Mireille
Mireille is a fly, like all flies
In the evening, she goes to bed at dawn she wakes up

One day she landed in the cell of a crapule
Raymond was his name, he drew twenty years in prison
, thief, murderer, Raymond awaits its time
I by boredom, the fly surprised

! Raymond: Hello, fly! Mireille: Hello, Raymond!
Let us be good friends, friends for good
The gross tamed, from his entire day
To play with Mireille, for good conduct is released

What can we do when we go out of prison
In a pocket a fly in the next few rounds?
" "If I was tamer fleas, cockroaches and bees
" I do'd manager, scene of the beast would Mireille "

" "Let's try, see if you étonnes
" Customers of this bistro, Mireille, will make your number "
"Oh, a fly? Pardon," said the boy
And an inch shy ...