Paroles officielles de la chanson «Molly Makeout» : The Friday Night Boys

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Molly Makeout"

So let me tell you about this girl I know
Molly Makeout whoa oh oh!
Its up and down, its rising action
Molly Makeout satisfaction

So easy to please, just get on your knees
Youre wasting time

Molly Molly Makeout
Any time, any guy
Just watch your back
You wont know what to do
Molly might makeout with you

She was lost but now shes found
Ill tell you what shes thinking now
She thinks shes got all the power
South on 95 two hours

So easy to please, shell get on her knees
Youre wasting time, youre begging for this,
But youre not, oh youre not getting
Much further tonight (this is why they call her)

Molly Makeout you lie too much
Said your lips no boy could
If making out is just what you do
Then Molly Makeout is the girl for you