Paroles officielles de la chanson «Pimpin Life» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Pimpin Life"

[Verse 1]
I'm used to cherry wine and fancy girls
I'm used to giving you this fancy world (fancy world)
I'm used to keepin all my G's
Makes sense when nothing is for free, I believe
To used to the hectic days and sleepless nights
To used to starin, spacin, fistless fights
I'm used to breakin off, this game been taking off
You got to pay the cost of a man who dreamed about
With his Pimpin Life

If you let your soul fly free
You know you're Pimpin Life (Pimpin Life)
Pimpin Life (Pimpin Life)
The streets are paved with gold
Can't you see, you're Pimpin Life (Pimpin Life)
Pimpin Life
You're on planet made for two

I'm used to the custom made and sharply dressed
(Pimpin in the street when I move the set
Make you lose your breath), so right I'm left
(Leavin no chick plainin)
To used to the ricochet's, echoing off
We used to the peaceful parade, but now we lost
We used to just get down for
An incadecent ounce of
Music and fun, now the gun got us holdin on
To much to release our pride
Lay back enjoy the ride
Have a go in your Pimpin Life
It feels so right, Pimpin Life

(Chorus) (2X)

Everybody get up (C'mon)
Everybody get up (Introducing)
Everybody get up (the incredible)
Everybody get up (hard working)
Everybody get up

Please welcome to the stage
The essence of the modern slave
Bobbin and weavin up in the maze
Till the day we stop breathin in the grave
We gonna say let your soul fly, fly

(Chorus) (2X)

Everybody get up (8X)