Paroles officielles de la chanson «Hello» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Hello"

Sonny] Hi This Is Sonny.
[Cher] And Cher.

[Sonny] And, Uh, This Is The Other Side Of Our Record. When, When You Cut A Record
Everyone Always Asks You What You're Gonna Put On The Other Side, And You
Usually Put On A Ss- Another Song. Sometimes, Uh, It's Hard To Get Another Song
Or To Think Of Another Song. And I Thought It Would Be Nice Just To, Uh, Get A
Chance To Talk To You, And Say Thank You For Everything That, Uh, You've Done
For Us. Uh, I Don't See Why This Can't Be Done, I Hope You Agree. What Do You
Think Cher?

[Cher] It's Okay With Me.

[Sonny] It's Okay With You? It's Okay With Me Too. Umm...

[Cher] I Think You Should, I Think You Should Put The Word- The Music Down Before
You Put The Words Down.

[Sonny] What Music?

[Cher] (Laughing) To The Song.

[Sonny] There Is No Song.

[Cher] No Really.

[Sonny] Really What? There Is No Song, I'm Just Playing On, Plunking On The Piano
And I Only Know Seven Chords Anyway So It Doesn't Make Any Difference. What Do
You Mean We Should Put The Music Down First?

[Cher] I'm Not Gonna Say Anything To You [Unintelligible] Sonny.

[Sonny] You're Not Gonna Say Anything, Why?

[Cher] Because, You're Making Me Embarasssed.

[Sonny] Oh, Don't Be Embarassed, You're Just Talking To A Microphone, And That's
All. Um, You Have Nothing To Say At All?

[Cher] No.

[Sonny] I Didn't Know You Were Bashful. When You Get On Stage You're Not
Bashful, Now You're Talking To A Microphone, You're In A Studio All By Yourself
And You're Bashful. You Don't Like This So