Paroles officielles de la chanson «Eres Mia» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Eres Mia"

I'm here?, Rehearsing
A new farewell
Aqu? Animndome to give
The first step of my life.
Perch in your hair,
Tied to you by chains
To you, to you. accursed desire,
My desire poisoning,
Full of you my existence you for you
I can not believe it,
I can not believe it

But you're ma, ma so strongly
That until I feel a being unfair and egosta.
But we want to always tell a
Yet he suplicado
Qudate always at my side
The two together against the rest of the world.

I be tested? My speech
And the memory saba.
Today in front of you,
I am white

And the phrases I forget.
I order and I finish,
I sigh when I pay
Because of you, for you
And again I win,
Back to hitch your laughter
I am trapped in your shirt, you in you
I can your lips
I can your lips, not

And I love you deeply ma ma
Even in this dead-end street
Always so intensely Ma Ma
Although s? That is not the madness
And the two together for life
Against the rest of the world (aa)