Paroles officielles de la chanson «Paid» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Paid"

And while your out gang bangin

tring to catch a murder case

your hoes on my couch gettin fucked in the face

bumpin to the base of some old school rap jam

(say what)

this aint tennis, but yo i'll use my backhand

on any grown man that tries to check rock

i wanna head bang, i gotta hip hop.

cause i'ma stick with what got me paid

lickin that coochie with the high top fade

i'm self made like henry ford

i'm on this mic. but it feels like i been here before.

i want more than the next man

respect, plus to cash big checks

and mack on hoes like ruddy ray

cause the reach around just sounds so gay

i dont even swing that way

i told you hoes before i'm the k

i to the d r o c k'n, rhymes sayin, guitar playin

turntable spinnin at a basement jam

no fame, no money, but you wouldn't understand

what it's like to be so real

you got the beats and the rhymes, but you aint got no feel

i dont need the fancy music to make mine

just the beat and the funky ass base line

drop a couple cuts on the track

8 tracks to the mother fuckin wack

so while your making record that dont recoup huh

i'm in the house gettin paid like snoop yeah

kid rock and i got all the hoes sayin

"fuck me baby, kid rock come fuck me baby

fuck me baby, fuck me baby, all night long

fuck me baby, kid rock come fuck me baby

fuck me baby, fuck me till the break of dawn"

i want my khakis washed, starched, and creased

i want an order of fries with a side of greese

i wish for peace throughout this land

i want the whole fuckin world in my hands

i want a band like the us funk mob