Paroles officielles de la chanson «Les Trois Mandarins» :

Compositeurs : Paul Misraki
Auteurs : Robert Goupil
Éditeurs : Warner Chappell Music France, Chappell Sa
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Les Trois Mandarins"

A Goodwill Français mine
Reported his trip to China
Mille very precious memories
On the odd language of the son of heaven.
It seems that a feast day,
He went with an interpreter,
Presenting his vows to three mandarins
With whom he wanted to chat a bit.
At the door, when it appeared
The three are tâtèrent mandarins,
Bowed in deep salvation
And with one voice récitèrent him:

Tigne line-line 'Fou-Or-Tchéou
Cathedral Tchouen and Petch-li Hang-Ke-Ou
Ping and Pong and Wing and Wong and Ho-Ho Eng
Tchéou-or-Tsinta-O-Ou-Tchéou Tsinta-oh
And Sing and Pa-o Sou-Ting and Czechoslovakia or Pei-Fou!
And toc, full stop

This speech abstract
Having appeared clear to the interpreter,
He said simply, in a tone entered:
Here is the translation, we told you: Enter!
What? That's all? said French, surprised.
A single word translated their parable?
Then, believing he had not understood
The mandarins took the floor:

(au Refrain)

Our French, not a nimble,
Came before the three Celestial
But, as he would respond to salvation,
On the one common voice, mandarin said: U!
Interpreter, tell me so.
What that this "U" mean?
The interpreter is scratching his chin
And said: Well, sir, I will bring

Dear friend to white face,
A good wind t'amène to our shores / [or: Be welcome on our shores]
The nature joy in celebrating abroad
Behold the season when the orange blossoms.
Our wives mandarins
Are there in the next room,
Except the woman Tse Ping-Pong.
She could not come. It is indisposed / [or: Because she is in bed]
The doctor came, but not seen.
First, we know that there has never known.
It is a stubborn old man. Moreover, it is cuckold.
And then, do more talking. All that is superfluous.
Ami white face, be welcome.
Yes, it was: U!