Paroles officielles de la chanson «Back To Indiana» : The Elms

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Back To Indiana"

There ain't no way to tell a man why a river flows,
Or how a diamond can be born out of busted coal.
There ain't a word that I can find to describe her touch.
I can't deny that I would follow her through flame and flood.

I got a ticket for a bus leavin' New Orleans.
I'll say a prayer that every single light turns green.
I'll buy a cheap bouquet at the flower shop,
And hope she waits for me at the final stop.

Oh, she will...

I'm going back to Indiana now
To see my baby in her evening gown.
And even if the world is burning down,
I'm going back to Indiana now.

I've played guitar each night for the finest kind.
I've left a whole lotta chance on the road behind.
I don't believe in fate. I call it destiny.
And if I'm lucky yet, she'll keep a place for me.

Oh, she will...