Paroles officielles de la chanson «Destination Anywhere» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Destination Anywhere"

Have your life ever started
But you weren?t sure it began
Were you left broken hearted
With no real cure in your hands
That?s how I felt about us
When I saw love turn to dust

Didn?t know I?d be ok
When a new day would come
And it?s right here
And it?s so clear

That I?m on my way
Don?t know where I?m goin to
I might feel fire and rain
But sometimes that?s what you gotta do
When the road you?re on
Takes you there
Destination anywhere

Losin? all of my old clothes
Got some new boots
And they fit
And I?m wishin for daylight
Chasing sunrise
When it hits

Now I know that it?s over
I am sober
I am home
But I?m still gonna miss you
Really miss you
In my arms
I could come too
I could run too


Nobody knows which way a flower grows
Which day the wind would blow
You were there
When you pick up the pieces of the dreams you lost
You learn to count the parts right away