Paroles officielles de la chanson «Sorry For This» : Rhesus

Compositeurs : Simon Nodet, Laura Rosello, Aurelien Marie
Chanteurs : Rhesus
Auteurs : Aurelien Marie
Éditeurs : Sony Atv Music Publishing Bv
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Sorry For This"

Unfortunately, I am going down
And I'm not sure if I wanna take you there
People, obviously
Will think of me that I
Try to make my life more exciting
That complications get me high
And help me sail through the lonely streets
They may be right

And I'm sorry for this
But I don't wanna take you home
Yeah it's a jungle out there
But you got to go alone
We'll never make it
'Cause in the end I'd spoil it
No matter what they say
Yeah it's gonna be okay

And when I think of it
I feel like digging a hole
In the ground, deep
Where no one would hear me call
So please don't blame me
I am now a better man
And I don't wanna see you crying
Don't you think we are fine?