Paroles officielles de la chanson «Let Go» : Revolver

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Let Go"

Let go of all the things you wanted to know
And all the faces you wanted to show
There's nothing more than what you are and where you go
Nothing more than what you see and how you feel
It doesn't make sense it doesn't go away (does it make sense?)
Did you feel anything today?
How do you explain all the sleepless nights?
How do you explain all the fears you've got?
Let go of all of them
Let go my friend

(does it make sense?)

Suddenly, the rain starts tapping on the window pane
The ringing in my ears is slowly fading out
A drop of silence in an empty glass
And then I slip away into the night
But how can I explain?
I'm going down memory lane
How long before you think I was a lie?
How long before I learn how to let go
Let go

(does it make sense?)