Paroles officielles de la chanson «No Bwoy» : Lyricson

Compositeurs : Rednose94, Dakta Yann, Lyricson
Auteurs : Lyricson
Chanteurs : Lyricson
Éditeurs : B Music
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "No Bwoy"

Some boys out road want to see me freeze
But I won’t cease until I make it to the peak
Jah Jah by my side so I never get weak
Bad mind and parasites I can’t get defeat
Man works like dog just to get my thing
So why some boys want to get my thing
Hustling just to reach my dreams
So tell some boys not to fuck up my dream
They can’t get me out with their plots and their schemes
Jah bless me so I don’t mix with their things
If they make me wrath I’m going to trigger the thing

No boy we fear
Say we never run all when shots beat up in the air
If you ever try to disrespect us than we’ll make you disappear
We’re so heartless we don’t care
Fussy push us if you dare
And your life we won’t spare (Bis)

From I am a rasta they think that I’m soft
If a boy disrespect, no I don’t laugh
Take out my three stars and cut him like grass
In the boy face make the thing blast
They’re too bad mind they want to see us die
Don’t want to see us head for the sky
Like vampires our flesh they want to bite
But no evil we fear with Jah by our side
These boys are fake no they’re not real
Want draw us out but we’re tougher than steel
They’re the devil sent our blood they want to spill
So we tell them not to draw nil
They have a dutty bad mind in every season
And their hearts full of grudge in every reason
We say these boys have to get a beating
Burn them and their evil


They tried everything just to draw us out
Evil strategy they carry out
Love and care they walk without
Hatred grudge is what they preach the most
All wicked vampires have to bite the dust
They’re too bad mind say they’re too bloodthirsty
Too much little youths skull they want to burst
But we know Father God guides over us
They hate and grudge you for your things
Deep in the water is where they want to see you sink
Longtime we see that their evil heart is not clean
Upon their head fire we’re going to fling


(Second verse)