Paroles officielles de la chanson «Gun Bark» : Lyricson

Compositeurs : Rednose94, Dakta Yann, Lyricson
Auteurs : Lyricson
Chanteurs : Lyricson
Éditeurs : B Music
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Gun Bark"

We are true warriors we fight until we die
On the battlefield we don’t surrender, don’t give up the fight
We’re so hard to kill boy you best protect your life
When we aim shot flies right through your motherfucking eye When the gun bark it goes (x4)

We’re burning hotter than the sun if a boy disrespect blood have to run
Serious talk this is no fun, send these pussy underground
We’re badder than the worst we put bodies in hearse
Bullets stock up in our pockets just like money in a purse
Boy get crush just like a worm, shots make his skin burn
Fussy hole you should have learn, now see you whole family yearn
On the ground he bawls please, like a sinner on his knees
See the boy fear increase, from the ak that I squeeze
Bullet fall down like rain, boy tries to run in vain
Now he starts to feel the pain, with his shirt full up of stains
This is no joke this is no game, boy marrow flies like plain
Like a sniper when we aim, shot reaches right through your brain
Anytime they hear the sound, pussy drops down to the ground
Gangsters we don’t waste no round, say we murder all these clowns
Bombo hole you start the war, now you can’t escape the war
Me and my gangsters we par, we leave you brain cell on the tar


I’m so fearless, I’m so fucking fearless
I step up in your face without my motherfucking vest
Don ‘t give a fuck about the consequence
Nigger don’t you get me tense
Or just like Michael Jackson motherfucker I’m going to make you dance
See the fire in my eyes
No peace in my heart until these motherfuckers die
Rolling these streets with my Gs, we be ready for the crime
If you’re looking for trouble nigger we’re not hard to find