Paroles officielles de la chanson «Never Alone» : Fredrika Stahl

Compositeurs : Fredrika Stahl
Auteurs : Fredrika Stahl
Chanteurs : Fredrika Stahl
Arrangeurs : Thomas Mc Clung
Éditeurs : Sony Atv Music Publishing Bv
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Never Alone"

Her phone rings
She picks it up
She's sipping tea
From her favourite cup
She speaks in low
But tender voice
And her words dissolves
With the surrounding noise
She looks older than she is
Tired and used
But that short phone call
Seem to get her amused
She puts her cap
And bonnet on
Dig out some coins
And then she's gone
She hurries down
To the end of the street
And stand there and waits
For the man she's to meet
Time goes by
But she still stands there alone
And when she finally walks away
It's by her own

Her steps are quick
Her head is low
Now where is she
Suppose to go
History seems to be
Set on repeat
She always ends up alone
When they are to meet
Her heart had turned cold
Grey as a stone
She was chilled to her bones
But then rings her phone
In an instant the sun
Is brought back into her heart
All worries were gone
It was a brand new start
There's one thing thou
That she ignores
He doesn't exist
That man she adores
Time goes by
Abd she still stands by her own
But at least in her heart
She's never alone