Paroles officielles de la chanson «Message In Your Eyes» : Asap

Chanteurs : Asap
Compositeurs : Fabrice Schweitzer
Auteurs : Fabrice Schweitzer
Arrangeurs : Daniel Brettinger
Éditeurs : Lalouline Editions
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Message In Your Eyes"


After all these years last
With this life which hold only with one wire
With torrid and subtle loves
I admit that wasn’t always easy
But the love which is in me
Fragile like silk

Your words simply certify the message
Thrown by your glance

Takes its revenge in you
You are my love my choice
The open and so tender heart
You opened the eyes to me
Who was drowned in ash
I don’t have any more this cloud around me

I exile myself in your heart
My heart is not broken down any more
To decide i will be stronger
To dedicated to your comfort
No morals would have known to say
No religion with known to warn us

The heart in the hand the holy spirit
I am not afraid to shout my love
The ideal and the perfection aren’t with the last style
For me you are the ideal to date

But i don’t seek to know if it’s for always
Only the thing which is real a song and love