Paroles officielles de la chanson «Talvisota» : Sabaton

Chanson originale : Talvisota
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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Talvisota"

Rise of nation's pride
Russians on a route to ruin
Kreml is more than certain to win
Sent away an army to the west
Blizzard reigned the ground were chosen
Snow was deep and hell were frozen
Stalin were too eager to invade
He thought of the might he possessed
And not of his foe
Rage of winter
Rise, nation's pride
Hold what's yours
Strike 'em where it hurts
Fight, hold your ground
Winter war
Reinforce the line
Split them into small divisions
Rip 'em of the conquest visions
Motti tactics used with great result
Snipers move unseen in snowfall
Force them to retreat and recall
Fight the Russian rule and their demand
With Molotov cocktail in hand
No fear of their tanks
Death or glory
A slice of a knife to a throat
And their blood turns to ice