Paroles officielles de la chanson «To Be In Your Eyes» : The Church

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "To Be In Your Eyes"

Nighttime is so lonely
When you hear a sound
But it's only an empty heart
Beating on through the night
A sad, sad drum
And I'm lying here listening
And the raindrops are all glistening
In my dreams and it seems
That the sun never comes
And I want my sad reflection
To go drifting through the skies
To be in your eyes
And I'm waking to this aching
And it's breaking me in two
All the space, all the waste
All the distance between me and you
And the people with their voices
Random choices will
They ever learn to really see
Really be on fire when their spirits burn
I want the person inside me
To be someone I'd recognize
If he was in your eyes
So I'm waiting, contemplating
Relocating a faded image in my thoughts
But the memories are like clouds
Try so hard
But they never can be caught
But I'm trying, yes I'm trying
But I'm only lying in the dark
So alone on my own, no one home
And if love was worth a fortune
Then I'd need a rise
To be in your eyes
I want these words to be the things
I hoped you'd realized
To be in your eyes