Paroles officielles de la chanson «Shake It Off» : Jarvis Church

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Shake It Off"

If it’s the thing that you fear
It will always be right there
A weight on your back, a thorn in your side
Boy you can’t run but you know you can’t hide
‘Cause the demons are right at your heels
Breakin’ you down making you feel
Like you wanna give up, like you just gotta give in
Like you’re fighting a fight that you know you can’t win
Don’t you know you’ve got to
Stand up, shake it off, look ‘em in the eye
You may never get another chance to
Make things right don’t pass it by
Have you ever felt like you never said
All the things you wanted to say?
This is your chance so stand up for yourself
Today’s your day
There’s no easy way to go about it
Baby you can’t doubt it
When they can’t hear you, you’ve got to shout it
‘Cause some of us can’t live without it
If it’s the love that you need, you’ve got to ask politely
But never settle for less than the sky
And if you walk out, don’t ever let them see you cry
No, no, no
Come on stand
Come on stand
I know you’re tired and you’ve had enough
You’re bruised and torn, and you wanna give up
Well, there’s an answer, listen up
Sometimes, sometimes you’ve got to stand up, yeah
Come on stand
Come on stand
Come on stand
Come on stand