Paroles officielles de la chanson «That's Me» : Tara Maclean

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "That's Me"

Caught in a mirror
Looking through sympathetic eyes
I'll come to the conclusion
That believers are sinners in disguise and I was blind
So if you ask me I'll keep saying that I am fine
So just don't ask and if you see me
I'll keep flashing that winning smile
'Cause that's my mask
Now I don't know what to believe
This girl made of steel with her heart on her sleeve
Looking for someone
To love and leave, that's me
Caught on the floor now
This bottle in my hand, in the confusion
It seemed the safest place to land
Now I can't stand
Every time I'd think of you
I'd start to cry well not this time
And if you see me you will know that the years went by
And they weren't kind
Walking the line on this highway of shame
Tied to the tracks expecting the train
So much to lose and no one to blame but me
That's me so if you see me