Paroles officielles de la chanson «Just Tell Me» : Sierra Swan

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Just Tell Me"

Your sweet attention is all I need
Your gentle kisses help me breath
You comfort me when you're around
And when I'm with you there is no sound
Whisper my name
Tell me your fears
Make all your feelings perfectly clear
Take me tonight
Tell me I'm yours
You're all I ever wanted and more
Just tell me you love me
Whoa ohh ohh
Please tell me you need me
Ohh ohh ooohh
And tell me you want me
Whoa ohh ohh
I just can't wait to see you tonight
Dreams of you I hold so dear
Until the next time I wish you were here
I imagine you face kind words you've said
And when I'm alone in my empty bed
Knock on my door
I'll let you in
Take me to a place that I've never been
I know this is love
Tell me the truth
Do you see it like I do
There's so much more I need to say
I never imagined you'd make me feel this way