Paroles officielles de la chanson «Looking Glass» : Darrell Scott

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Looking Glass"

Feels like someone’s looking over my shoulder
i turn around and no one’s there
the looking glass is looking older and older
lately, i don’t care
looking glass can’t you see what i’ve been through
slowly giving myself away
i run from the past, run for the future
and miss the sweet smell of today
i play this song on my own piano
helps make sense of the shape i’m in
i open the doors on a cool rainy morning
and songs come riding on the wind
take me away over clouds of sorrow
i guess i’ll ride it one more time
go through the deluge to get to the promise
songs are rainbows in the sky
human longing inspiriation
woman painting canvas across the street
got an old slouchy hat and a coat like renoir
maybe i’ll bring her a cup of tea
maybe light is the absense of shadow
maybe shadow needs a place to sleep
you know, we shine our light as much as we’re going to
the rest the cats and angels keep
me and this song we got a lot in common
neither knows quite how to end
we just follow along like a leaf on the river
and believe we always can begin again