Paroles officielles de la chanson «This I Gotta See» : Andy Griggs

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "This I Gotta See"

I can't count the barns i've passed
Painted red, white and black, see rock city
And up ahead there's a turn
Take me right through gatlinburg, i hear it's pretty
Maybe some other time
I can't slow down
Right across that state line
Right about now
Her hair's still wet from her bath
She's sitting on the front porch
With a galss of ice tea
In my sweat shirt, in her bare feet
This i gotta see
If i hurry i can catch
The colors on her skin
From that sunset
And her face and that look
Waiting on me
This i gotta see
Can't wait to get her
Man, i wish i were there already
She's the only thing that keeps
This world from driving me crazy
I just hit the city limit
That's a pretty good sign
If i pick it up a bit
I'll be right on time
2004 10