Paroles officielles de la chanson «Lover» : Paul Whiteman

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Lover"

When you held your hand to my heart,
dear, you did something grand to my heart,
and we played the scene to perfection,
through we didn't have time to rehearse
Since you took control of my life
You have come the whole of my life
When you are away it's awful
and when you with me it's worse
Lover, when I'm near you
And I hear you speak my name
Softly in my ear you breathe a flame
Lover, when we're dancing, keep on
Glancing in my eyes
Till love's own entrancing music dies
All of my future is in you
Your ev'ry plan I design
Promise you'll always continue to be mine
Lover, please be tender. When you're tender, fears depart.
Lover, I surrender to my heart.
Lover, it's immoral, but why quarrel with our bliss
When two lips of coral want to kiss?
I say "The Devil is in you""" and to resist you I try;
but if you didn't continue I would die!
Lover"please be tender.
When you're tender"fears depart
Lover"I surrender to my heart.