Paroles officielles de la chanson «Simple As That» : Alabama

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Simple As That"

Out on highway one i saw a camper van parked out on the shoulder
Thinkin' they had broken down i pulled over
There was a little old lady and her old man kickin' back relaxin'
They said sit down and help us celebrate
Our golden anniversary
They had foldin' chairs, they were holdin' hands
Starin' at the field
I said man this ain't no movie this is real
Love should be as simple as that
Folding chairs, holding hands, matching baseball caps
Love is wanting what you have
Love should be as simple as that
They said stay a while, i said i thought i might
And ask some burnin' questions
Like how'd you make love last so long, they started laughing
They said to keep our love from danger
I treat her like a stranger
Courteous, considerate, and kind
B@so i went home and i said baby, baby listen
There is somethng missin' in our lives
She said i know, i've been tryin' to tell you
We need more communication, an exotic vacation
Big screen tv, redwood jacuzzi
Dinners out, concerts and movies
New kitchen, big addition, a pool, jewelry
Sauna, fish pond and a five acr