Paroles officielles de la chanson «Wandering Boy» : Rodney J Crowell

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Wandering Boy"

Come in from the cold you must be cold
Thread bare against a freezing wind is a short time getting old
Come and sit down tell me where you've been
Rest your soul beside the fire til it's time to go again
Take me back
One more time
Where the rairoad tracks meet the kudzu vine
Wandering boy
The blood that's flowing through you flows through me
When i look in any mirror it's your face that i see
You're my only brother i'm your twin
You've come home to rest awhile and shed your dying skin
Ease your mind have no fear
When it comes your time i'll be here
Wondering boy
We're two houston kids sailing mason jar lids
With our pop botles hid
By the bayous bend in the wild east end welcome back again
Wandering boy
I used to cast my judgement like a net
All those california gay boys deserve just what they get
Little did i know there would come a day
When my words would come back screaming like a debt i have to pay
Lean on me i'll be strong you're almost free it won't be long
Wandering boy