Paroles officielles de la chanson «What I'd Say» : Earl Thomas Conley

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "What I'd Say"

Talking to the mirror, whispering your name
Just like you were here, you'd think i was insane
I hold these conversations in the silence of my room
Rehearsing all the things i'd say should i run into you
How's it going might be what i'd say
You broke my heart, you know or
It looks like rain today
Or maybe god i've missed you since you went away
You're lookin' well or go to hell
Might be what i'd say
Some times i get so angry
I could put my fist right through the wall
And then there's times i come so close to giving you a call
I love you and i hate you all at the same time
Then i pray that you'll come back to me before i lose my mind
Guess you'll have to wait until that day
To find out what i'd say
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